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Tree Inventory Volunteer

The Tree Inventory project requires identifying, measuring and quantifying each tree in the municipal district. Usually two people  work together to gather and input the data. Typically, each group is out for a few hours at a time. If you are interested, someone with experience will accompany you the first time. The purpose is to identify where the canopy is lacking, trees that may be in poor shape and should be replaced and help to develop  a planting and maintenance plan going forward in order to provide canopy, shade, mitigation of climate change and wildlife habitat.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to the inventory projed, please email here

AdobeStock_tree nursery.jpeg
AdobeStock_tree nursery.jpeg

Nursery Volunteer

Weeding, wrapping or pruning under the supervision of either a Tree Committee member or the Tree Warden is a great way to spend time learning about trees and helping to nurture the trees that will populate Jamestown's municipal areas. Email if interested and you'll be notified the next time a work session is planned,

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Volunteer a Tree

Sometimes a tree is just in the wrong place on your property. Consider giving it a home at the Nursery so that it might go on to live its life out in the perfect place. If you are able to adequately protect the root system and put the treei nto a container, we will make arrangements to pick it up and plant it in the Nursery until it is re-homed. Email us if you have a tree or two in need of a new home.

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AdobeStock_tree nursery.jpeg
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Financial donations are always very appreciated and are used to augment what the Tree Committee is able to secure through grants and municipal funding. There is always a need for more trees and the facilities to nurture them. Funds are also used for educational programing. Any contributions can be sent to Town Hall, 93 Narragansett Avenue, Jamestown, RI 02835 and made out to the Jamestown Tree Committee. Please include your name and address so that you can be thanked!!

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